How can Kinetic Pliability improve your workouts and athletic
Pliability is “the ability of our muscles and soft tissues (ligaments, bursa,
Fascia)to change and adapt in response to stimuli without
compromising integrity.”
It is the capacity for soft tissues to maintain control and stability in posture
or movement through a complete range of motion without straining or
injuring the soft tissue.
Healthy pliability requires strength and flexibility combined to take your
body through it’s full range of motion.
If your tissues have limited pliability, strength is weakened and the body is
at greater risk of injury during activity.
A perfect example of healthy muscle pliability is Tom Brady
At 40 years old, Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL.
Much of the famous athlete’s success can be attributed to his method of
training and regular physical therapy sessions which include myofascial
release as well as maximizing muscle pliability.
For most of his career, Brady has stayed relatively injury-free which may
be the result of his commitment and focus on muscle and soft tissue
“Pliable muscles are softer, longer and more resilient: they help insulate
the body against injury and accelerate post-injury recovery,” explains
TB12’s website.
Brady told the Times, “If there’s so much pressure, just constant tugging
on your tendons and ligaments, you’re going to get hurt. Like with a kid,
when they fall, they don’t get hurt. Their muscles are soft. When you get
older, you lose that.”
Many of us spend a lot of time in a limited range of motion (as in long
periods of sitting at a desk) that can cause limitation and muscle
weakness when trying to do an activity that requires a greater range of
Kinetic Pliability Therapy releases tension in soft tissue structures, realigns
the joints, and effectively releases the body’s holding and pain
We use a combination of manipulative techniques that work on improving
fascial pliability – releasing restrictions and maximizing active range of
motion in the clients’ joints.
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